Kate Middleton breaks royal tradition amid cancer treatment

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has broken an important royal tradition amid his treatment of the cancer, which was diagnosed a few months ago. And it is as a result of his illness that the wife of the prince william has decided to do something that is not allowed among the members of the Royal family britishby sending thank you messages to your followers.

After thousands of people sent letters with messages of support to the Princess of Wales for her dangerous illness, the royal has made the decision to send thank you cards to numerous fansbreaking completely with the royal tradition of non-responses to messages of affection.

Thank you for your good wishes to Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales. We are grateful for your thoughtful gesture“Reads the card that Kate has sent to several of her fans.

However, Kate also he broke with another tradition by submitting his responsesince no photo was included in the thank you, being feasible proof of the privacy wishes that the princess requested in the video what he did announcing his cancer.

Kate Middleton With this they have shown that they have no problem not following some of the strict rules of the British monarchy. Furthermore, in the midst of the difficult moment that she is experiencing, she wanted to thank all those people who have shown concern for her.

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