Kate Middleton congratulates Princess Charlotte on her birthday with an unprecedented photograph

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has congratulated his daughter, the little one princess charlotte which today is turning nine years old. And for this reason, she has decided to share with the public a unpublished photography of the young royal, who day by day is gaining the attention of the followers of the British royalty.

Despite the difficult time she is experiencing as a result of her cancer diagnosis, the Wale’s princess He has not overlooked the birthday of his only daughter, who posed for the camera and gave us a new photograph.

Kate has always been accustomed to maintaining this tradition with his three children, immortalizing them through photos that she herself takes from them on each of their birthdays.

And of course, with the arrival of the little princess’s nine birthdays, Kate has not hesitated to share her happiness for her daughter.

Happy 9th birthday, Princess Charlotte! Thanks for all the kind messages from hoand”, says the publication on the social network instagram.

At the moment, Kate Middleton She stays completely away from the public eye, as she is receiving her preventive chemotherapy treatment, as an alternative to try to eradicate the disease. cancer that was diagnosed.

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