King Charles III and Camilla Parker leave the Palace for a romantic getaway

The current monarch, king Charles IIIand his wife Camilla Parkerfinally find a free space in their agenda of commitments and manage to leave the Palace in order to spend quality time together and celebrate their 19th anniversary, since for the official day, last April 9, they would not have been able to.

It is said that King Charles is currently undergoing cancer treatment but this was not an impediment to traveling to his favorite place, Birkhallnear Balmoral Castle, this being the same plan they carry out every year on each of their anniversaries.

According to information corroborated by the media Peoplethe two were seen at Aberdeen airport on April 10, and then taken on a roughly one-hour drive to the estate, where the King Charles and Camilla Parker are living their well-deserved romantic getaway and also resting from his obligations.

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