King Charles III and Prince William have become closer since Prince Harry moved to the United States

The closeness and union of king Charles III and his eldest son, the prince williamhas become more evident since the prince harry will abandon his royal duties in early 2020 and then move to the state Joined. The bond is so great that now it seems impossible for them to have some differences like every father and son.

The convictions of the current king of United Kingdom and the legacy he will leave to his favorite son and Prince of Welsh, must be reinforced by the time it is his turn to hand over the British crown. And although his past is not exempt from controversy, Carlos knows that the future of the monarchy could have an excellent direction.

With each scandal and controversy that the royal family has gone through in recent years, the king and prince have become closer than ever; the accusations that duke of sussex has done against several members of the crown, they have only caused a stronger pasturing of the monarchy in the face of the rumors, since despite the possibility of having caused a turbulent scenario, they have only shown themselves with greater unity and above all , greater firmness.

The affection, admiration and tenderness between Charles and William demonstrates the fact that they are not going to allow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (who could be considered “deserters”), escape the spotlight inside Buckingham Palace. The revelations, accusations of racism and other allegations that were described in interviews and the duke’s memoir, ‘Spare‘.

Although there are several reports that ensure the king’s intentions to reconcile with his youngest son and daughter-in-law, the truth is that so far this theory has not been confirmed. However, it was learned that during the monarch’s recent 75th birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a video call to congratulate him and sing his birthday with the little princes. Archie and Lilibet.

On the side of the prince williamthe future is more discouraging, since there are several reports that assure that the future monarch does not want or desire reconciliations with any deserter from the crown, including the the prince Harry. Meanwhile, you might not agree that the king Charles III reintegrate the Sussexes into the family’s royal activities.

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