King Charles III crashed the royal website by making an announcement about Queen Elizabeth II

The British monarch, king Charles IIIin company with the website of the royal house, this Wednesday made an announcement about the Queen isabel IIwhich caused the page to crash, due to so many people who were trying to enter the site in order to buy tickets

It has been learned that King Charles III for the first time in more than 169 years will open the Balmoral Castle which is located in the Scottish Highlands, in order to allow people to enter so that they can observe, through a guided walk, the home that was one of the late queen’s favorites.

This site was the place where the deceased spent her vacation weeks in the summer, becoming one of the places that well-wishers would like to visit due to its attractiveness.

It was revealed that tickets to see the interior of the Castle will be available from July 1 to August 4, costing from 127 dollars the cheapest ticket per person. From this moment on the website collapsed due to the number of people who wanted to secure a ticket.

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