Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s reason for reconciling with King Charles is revealed

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markleand her husband, prince harryhave shown themselves to be very motivated to attend the United Kingdom and be with the royal family during these Christmas and New Year festivities, and although everything seems to be on a family plan and with the aim of finally reconciling with King Charles III, the Queen Camilla Parker and the rest of the family, a recent source has reported what would be the real reason why the dukes want to be close to the monarchs.

A source informed the media GB News that: ‘Deadline reported that Meghan was fighting hard through her agency WME in order to secure some brand deals, and the agency was trying to fight and understand how to manage the brand so that it would give good results‘.

Adding that ‘The most important fashion brands, such as Dior, who previously worked with Meghan, are now dressing Queen Camilla and also named the young woman who plays Kate Middleton in the series ‘The Crown’ as the official brand ambassador‘, this being a fact that would keep the dukes anxious and a little worried, wanting to reconsider with the royal family with a common goal.

According to the source, the end would be benefit commerciallybecause being close to the United Kingdom and the royal family, they could also be taken into account in Hollywood, and of course by the most important brands, allowing them to seal good contracts.

The royal expert who reported on this added that although it could be indicated that Prince Harry misses his family, in the case of Meghan Markle it is not my thing, as she would want to return to the family. United Kingdom simply to obtain fame and financial benefit.

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