Meghan Markle happier than ever as British royals falter

The controversial American actress Meghan Markle has a present full of happiness and optimism, the complete opposite of what people currently experience. royalty britisha family that was their home for just over two years, worse than that, which ended up causing a big rift from which they have not yet managed to recover.

“Happier than ever”; that is the phrase with which the current life of the Duchess of Sussex, who along with prince harry They left their royal duties aside at the beginning of 2020 to move to their native country, the state Joined.

However, this current happiness of the ‘Suits’ actress completely contrasts with what is currently being experienced within the British crown. The cancer of the king Charles III and uncertainty about the health status of Kate Middleton They have caused serious cracks in the royalty. This has caused the media to view the normal functioning of the royal family with concern.

Although some anonymous sources assured that the dukes of sussex They feel “concerned” about the king’s health and the princess of Welshthere are other allegations where it is stated that the interpreter would be taking advantage of this moment to show the Royal family that he who laughs last, laughs best.

On the same day that Buckingham Palace confirmed the king’s cancer, the prince harry traveled to Kingdom United to meet him. However, he only lasted one day in his native country and his wife did not accompany him, since according to the English media, the actress “does not plan to set foot on British soil for a long time.”

Whatever your intentions, current happiness about Meghan is undeniable: That feeling of fullness does not leave her eyes, the shine in her eyes reflects how calm and very stable she feels right now, despite knowing that her husband’s family is not having a good time .

His recent appearances are living proof of this, so the british media now they believe that Meghan Markle She is taking advantage of this whole situation to send a strong message that, although the criticism against her is very notable, she has managed to get ahead and against all odds.

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