Meghan Markle reappears happy and smiling after King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis

American actress Meghan Markle He was seen smiling after the recent diagnosis of cancer of the king Charles III and the quick visit of her husband prince harry to London, in order to reunite with his father. The duchess apparently decided to stay in USA to stay with their children.

In the last few hours, a photo of the Duchess of Sussex where he can be seen very smiling and happy while driving his vehicle on the streets of California.

In the image you can see the actress of ‘Suits’ wearing large lens glasses and drinking a cup of coffee while driving his truck near his home in the Californian county of Montecito.

The British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ was in charge of publishing the photograph, just at the moment in which the King Charles III has been diagnosed with a type of cancer and the reason why his youngest son has decided to travel to the United Kingdom To visit him.

Meghan Markle you already meet him prince harry in the U.S. Until now, it is not known whether the dukes of sussex They will make the decision to make an upcoming trip together to London.

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