Meghan Markle would have been rejected by several Hollywood producers

American actress Meghan Markle He would be having intentions of returning to the movies, but he has encountered a big problem: Various production companies hollywood They would not be interested in having the duchess in their future projects, despite the fact that the wife of the prince harry hired a new and very important talent agency.

According to several American and English media outlets, the Duchess of Sussex It has been difficult for him to convince various Hollywood producers again. The real expert Simon Vigar He assured the ‘Mirror’ that there are already six who have rejected the actress in recent months.

The expert also stated that the main reason for Meghan’s inability to achieve success in Hollywood would lie in her turbulent rivalry and feud with the British royal familya situation that has only earned him deep rejection from the public.

This drama would make several production companies They would prefer not to get into trouble by working with Meghansince they would not know with certainty the impact that working with the duchess would have on them in the midst of their enmity with the English monarchy.

Meghan Markle hired the prestigious talent agency William Morris Endeavor (WME) in the year 2023. However, to date, no return of the actress to the television industry has been reported. hollywood.

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