NCT’s Taeyong a few hours away from entering military service

As has been evident for some years, South Korean singers and actors are entering military service, and this time it was the turn of Taeyong of the group NCT who has only a few hours left to start and fulfill this obligation.

The Idol stated during his group’s last concerts that he was ready to make his military enlistment official, pointing to mid-April as a possible date.

Well, the day finally arrived and it is reported that Taeyong is a few hours away from joining the Navy as an active soldier. April 15. So far it is known that followers will not be allowed to enter the recruit training center, as this could alter the order of the families of the other soldiers, also in order not to harm the congestion at the site.

So far, the only photograph that the boy band member has released regarding this is his military haircut, which he would have to maintain until Christmas 2025, when his entire process is completed.

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