Netflix’s ‘Believer 2’ is causing unexpected rejection by users who were looking forward to this second installment

Believer It was one of the most successful South Korean films. Netflix In 2018, the film was well liked and critically acclaimed, not only for its incredible action scenes, but also for its intriguing plot, which would end up convincing the executives of the big red N to release a second part. titled ‘Believer 2‘, however, this new delivery has not been received as everyone would expect.

On November 17, ‘Believer 2’ saw its long-awaited premiere on the streaming platform, which excited thousands of users who couldn’t wait any longer to see their favorite characters and actors on stage again, but everything turned dark. As the first minutes of the feature film passed, disappointing and angering viewers.

The film has received a terrible rating of 2.12 stars on the website Naver, where Internet users did not limit themselves when writing their reviews, “I stopped watching it after 10 minutes”, “They ruined it, completely ruined, what is this?”, “It feels like all their characters lost their charm, and their personalities “They no longer match those of the first film”, “Netflix original films suck”, “5 friends have told me not to watch this crap”. These were some of the comments from people who saw the production.

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