Netizens create theories after seeing BLACKPINK’s Lisa chasing Frederic Arnault in Japan

For some months now, one of the rumors that has followed Lisa of the famous group BLACKPINK has been her possible romance with the French businessman Frederic ArnaultWell, all this started after they were both seen having dinners in luxurious restaurants, as well as taking photos at a concert and even being both present at a soccer game.

Thanks to these reasons, this rumor has gained strength, and even more so now after a follower shared a photo of the girl band’s Idol while was chasing Frederic. According to some social media users, this image was taken in Japan, so many suggested that perhaps the Thai woman is working on her new solo albumHowever, there were others who followed him from hotel to hotel because of his skin color.

Firstly, followers and internet users have these arguments because, according to the Asian media, the Idol has gotten to work with the launch of a new project, and secondly, because in the past the Idol published that for her culture being with someone white meant beauty and wealthso many are associating this with the Idol’s alleged love relationship.

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