Official trailer released for ‘Begins Youth’, the k-drama inspired by the story of BTS

The first trailer K-Drama inspired by the famous South Korean K-pop group btsdemonstrates the great impact that the septet has had on the local and global music scene, amassing millions of fans all over the world now, they will enjoy this story that will connect them even more with the group.

‘Begins Youth’ is the series that will address the history of bangtan from a different perspective but closely linked to each of the members.

This story will address the challenges of each of the members as they share their fears, dreams and struggles. The series was jointly produced by HYBE and the production company Chorokbaem Media. In turn, the series will feature songs from the group such as ‘Euphoria’, ‘Mikrokosmos’, ‘The Truth Untold’, and more hits.

In the new k-drama, the characters They do not have the same names as the members of the BTS group. However, each of them has a character that will represent them, from their personality to their musical skills.

With the premiere of trailerthe date of the arrival of ‘Begins Youth’ on streaming platforms is expected to be announced soon. streaming. Thus, the ARMY of bts You will be able to enjoy this K-Drama that, without a doubt, you will completely love.

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