Prince William reappears publicly with Prince George at a football match

He prince william from the United Kingdom has been seen with his eldest son, the prince georgeenjoying the soccer match against the Aston Villa against Lillie, being her first public appearance after learning about the Princess of Wales’s cancer Kate Middleton.

Today the Prince of Wales has decided to spend a different time with Prince George. They both went to see Aston Villa, the team of which they are both fans, against the French Lille Olympique Sporting Club, within the framework of the UEFA Europa Conference League.

The small george He hasn’t had school for the past few days, so his father has taken the opportunity to attend the game with him.

Both father and son have been able to spend quality time together, while Princess Kate’s health problems continue to be a topic of vital concern among fans of the royalty.

He prince william is the one who has been mostly aware of the treatment of Kate Middleton, who is currently receiving chemotherapy. In turn, the future king is the one who has also taken care of the three children, who have already been informed about his mother’s cancer.

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