Princess Charlotte would be the substitute like her uncle Prince Harry, but with a “prominent role”

The future of princess charlotte could resemble that of a direct royal substitute for his older brother, the the prince george. This similarity coincides in certain points with the role of his uncle, the the prince Harrywho is currently not fulfilling his royal duties after having resigned from them in 2020.

“Princess Charlotte”will be the substitute” like his uncle, Prince Harry, but he would have a “paper high profile” stated one royal commentator recently.

The daughter of prince william and Kate Middleton She is fourth in line to the British crown, but will serve as her older brother’s active deputy until she marries and has children.

Marlene Koenig He told the English portal ‘GB News’ exclusively that “Charlotte will be the substitute until George gets married and has children“, but that “will have an important role within the crown”

It is believed that in a few years the British royal family It will be smaller than it currently is, which would help little Charlotte have a more prominent role within the monarchy.

The British press believes that, unlike the the prince Harrythe princess charlotte Yes, he will plan his life to fully serve the crown. For now, it is not known exactly what title could have a future.

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