Queen Camilla gives update on the health of King Charles III

The queen camilla of the United Kingdom has now become one of the main characters of the royalty britishafter her husband’s cancer diagnosis was announced, the king Charles III who is currently receiving treatment to control it. And now, his wife has given an update on his current health status.

Stretcher England attended an important charity concert at the cathedral on Thursday Salisburythe first of the many official events in which he will appear without the company of His Majesty King Charles III.

There, the controversial monarch spoke with all the guests, where she even gave an update on the current state of health of her husband, who was diagnosed with cancer after he underwent surgery two weeks ago.

It is incredibly good, given the current circumstances. We feel very honored by all the messages and letters of support that you have given us,” she was heard saying at the event.

With this, the queen camilla has made it clear that the king Charles III He feels very well despite his diagnosis. In the statement issued by Buckingham Palace, it was also reported that the Head of state We are undergoing treatment immediately. In turn, several claims have been reported that claim that cancer has been detected at an early stage.

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