Queen Camilla leads the Christmas celebrations and confirms her dominance in British royalty

The Queen Camilla Parker has lived a dream year, thanks to her legitimate coronation as the queen of the United Kingdom and to the fact that, although it still continues to be notoriously questioned among public opinion, it is no secret to anyone that its role within the british royalty It’s very important. This has been demonstrated with the recent Christmas celebrations, where she has become the main protagonist.

Queen Camilla with her husband king charles III, the princes of wales Together with their three children, they led the walk from Sandringham House, where they spend their holidays, to the church of Saint Mary Magdalene, located near the home of the British royal family in LondonUnited Kingdom.

Carlos and Camilla looked looks neutrals for the occasion, Charles wore a camel-colored coat and Camilla wore a lighter shade. beige for your matching coat, hat and boots. In the video you can see how the German queen will dominate and the objective that some people will have.

The queen camilla She has walked with a full audience, demonstrating that after each appearance, she will remain regal, important and above all very beautiful.

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