Queen Letizia, in psychological treatment after scandal involving her alleged lover

The brand new Queen Letizia of Spain is in one of the worst moments for its image as monarch. And now, according to the press in his country, she is receiving rigorous psychological treatment to calm all the stress caused by the scandal of his alleged infidelity towards her. king philip SAW.

The famous Spanish journalist Pilar Eyre has explained the bad moment that Queen Letizia is going through, ensuring that are looking for help from specialists to undermine all the damage caused by the statements of his former brother-in-law and alleged lover; Jaime Burg.

Apparently, the monarch has faced these Emotional problems with some of his closest loved ones and with psychological help, since the stress and the anxiety They have hit very hard in recent weeks.

Pilar Eyre recognizes that The queen is “devastated” and “smiles mechanically” in the most recent public events, including the birthday party of the Infanta Elena.

«They told me how thin she is, the emotional aspect she has. “She was very well-groomed and pretty, but she looks devastated,” says the journalist. Pillar Eyre. “Her relatives want to help her but they don’t know what to do,” the communicator argues.

The Queen Letizia will receive the new year in a bittersweet way, so many celebrations are not expected in Operetta.

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