Queen Letizia’s infidelity scandal dirtyes Christmas in Zarzuela

Closing the year with the worst moment for the reputation of the Queen Letizia after the scandal of infidelity that she would have committed while already engaged to the king philip SAWhave completely dirty the Christmas celebrations in Operettawho have remained hermetic in the face of the entire scandal.

The Spanish royal family will have a Christmas that will be anything but peace and happiness. The reason lies in the scandalous revelations of Jaime del Burgo and by Jaime Peñafiel in his book ‘Letizia and I’. According to information given by the queen’s former brother-in-law and her sister’s ex-husband Telma Ortiz, Letizia was unfaithful to Felipe VI on several occasions. One just before getting engaged, and the other when Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia had already been born.

As expected, the scandal It quickly went viral around the world, generating a very bad image for the royalty Spanishwhose popularity has been declining in recent years.

At the same time, the rumors have also caused Aunt Telma Ortiz not to appear at the Christmas dinner, nor will her partner, Robert Gavin. And all thanks to Jaime del Burgo’s juicy revelations, which have left this couple out of Zarzuela’s Christmas feast.

Both the Queen Letizia As the king Philip VI They will have to share Christmas Eve alone with their daughters, in a moment that will undoubtedly remain in the history of the Spanish royal family and especially for Letizia, currently facing the biggest scandal of her life as a royal.

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