Rauw Alejandro put the house he bought as a wedding gift for Rosalía up for sale

There is no doubt that Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia They were very much in love a few years ago, but unfortunately nothing ended well for anyone, not even for their followers, who received the bitter news very suddenly and unexpectedly, a breakup that most likely broke the hearts of both artists.

And in these cases there is nothing left but to get rid of the things that still give you memories that usually continue to hurt the soul, probable reason for which now, the Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro has decided to put the modernist house that he acquired at the beginning of 2022 for sale in Manresa as Rosalía’s wedding gift, when their relationship was at its peak.

The residence has a bit of history, since it dates back to 1905 and was designed by the architect Ignasi Oms i Ponsa, it has 2,624 square meters and is surrounded by thirty hectares of crop fields, an extensive property that according to the Regio7 media, is has recently been put up for sale.

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