Release date of chapters 3 and 4 on Disney+

The popular South Korean Kpop group bts is currently submerged in the military service mandatory that governs korea South. The group’s seven members are on a temporary hiatus, but their agency has left their fans with an acclaimed documentary series that is available on Disney+and whose new chapters already have a release date.

‘BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star’ is the docu series bangtan that disney has premiered exclusively just after Jungkook and Jimin They became the last members of the group to enlist in the army.

The streaming platform premiered its first two episodes on December 20. And now, chapters 3 and 4 will be available on Latin America since Wednesday today, so the ARMY I was able to continue enjoying this wonderful story where numerous anecdotes from the beginnings of the famous group of kpop.

Members of bts have already completed their respective military services in the year 2025, so it is expected that from that date, HYBE start preparing a new album and a new world tour.

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