RIIZE’s Wonbin goes viral by showing off his new hair look

For a few days now, one of the Idols that has been mentioned the most on social networks and KPop forums is Wonbin of the renowned group RIIZEand in the middle of this week, the artist appeared on his networks sharing some photos where he revealed his new blonde look, generating thousands of reactions from his followers, who did not believe what they were seeing.

However, this surprise to his fans would not be enough for the Idol, because on April 14 it was once again a topic of conversation after new photos about Wonbin were shared on social networks showing another new look in her hair.

For this occasion the South Korean artist once again wore his bleached hair, but this time with a lot of curls and glasses that undoubtedly made the Idol look like another person. As expected, his fans did not hesitate to leave many messages of surprise and admiration for him, asking him to look like this more often.

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