SEVENTEEN fans are thrilled with DK’s new photos, but they are also distracted by another detail

In addition to having incredible talent, D.K. of the renowned South Korean group SEVENTEEN He seems to be the best friend of cameras, since each of the images he shares for his fans on social networks all seem out of the ordinary and often leave fans speechless due to his attractive appearance.

This same thing happened when SEVENTEEN recently attended the beautiful city of Paris for the UNESCO Youth Forumat the same headquarters of the organization, where they performed a small special show for the guests and gave a short speech.

For this important occasion, DK took advantage of the moment to be dressed to the nines, and shared some photos on his Instagram of the idol’s impressive appearance. Many of his fans did not miss the opportunity to comment that the artist had some vibes of sexy CEO in the different photos, because his totally black suit gave him those airs, but despite his appearance, the fans did not miss something that distracted them.

In one of the selfies taken in a mirror, the eagle-eyed and thoughtful fans noticed that one of DK’s movies was playing on the screen in the background of DK.Fifty Shades of Grey‘, after a great debate among Internet users who tried to guess which one it was. Although many always point out how handsome the Idol is, this time he was not the one who captured the attention of his people, since the mystery of a movie on his back was the main topic of conversation on networks.

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