Shakira resumes her relationship with Piqué, they talk on the phone every night

The Colombian singer Shakira he seems to have left the war with his ex-partner Pique and has paved the way to appease their relationship, whether for the sake of their children or their emotional health. In turn, it has been reported that even now they talk on the phone every night.

The media of Spain are reporting the unpredictable reconciliation by Shakira and Piqué. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they will be a couple again, but it does mean that they will do everything possible to have a peaceful relationship for the sake of their children. Sasha and Milan.

After confirming the separation between both celebrities in June 2022, a complete media impact was unleashed, since the couple was one of the strongest in the entertainment industry. This attention increased thanks to the songs that the Colombian launched while throwing hard darts at the Catalan and his new partner.

But now, all this is behind them and the ex-boyfriends have already turned the page and have decided to take the path of peace and above all, communication, since they talk on the phone every night while Piqué asks about the children. As reported by ‘Informalia’, the attitude of the two now is one of peace, of leaving the war behind and understanding each other in the best possible way to guarantee a healthy coexistence with their two small children.

In fact, after summer There was another important development in the treatment and relationship they had until now, as reported by ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’:

«Now they talk among themselves, it was not like that until now. Always resort to lawyers to set the day that the children traveled with dad or stayed in Miami with mom, it was crazy. They come to an agreement among themselves or with their relatives and deal with these details with a certain calmness,” close sources said.

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