Sofía Vergara demonstrates her great style with baggy jeans and high-heeled sandals for this spring

Sofia Vergara continues to make an impression on her millions of followers, and among them fashion lovers, and the Colombian actress has proven to have a great style when it comes to casual clothing, making it clear that looking ‘normal’ does not always mean having to go unnoticed.

With some baggy jeans with wide boots and a radiant personality, the actress preserved one of the freshest, most striking, practical and comfortable trends there is for this spring-summer 2024which together with some sensational blue Polka Dots high-heeled sandals and some seasonal accessories such as her luxurious Dior Book tote bag, captured the attention of the paparazzi and the people around her.

It should be noted that this style has become one of the most popular In the industry’s most veteran celebrities, fashion is undoubtedly a very changing factor, but it doesn’t always mean that newer is better, and these oversized jeans They definitely continue to cause sensations.

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