Stray Kids’ Changbin and Bang Chan have been caught having intense flirtation during Christmas

KPop members Stray Kidsare back to cheer up their fans this Christmas and New Year, and they have recorded it in an intense flirtation that occurred between two of the members, changbin and Bang Chanin the middle of a reality show.

KPop idols and internationally known singers showed that they are easily very good actors, and this was demonstrated through the reality show. Exchange Island. In this program, the members meet some people who may or may not be their ex-partners (fictitiously), and with whom they decide to have a romance or rekindle their old love.

It was here that Changbin and Bang Chan were seen hilariously flirting, while one told the other that he wanted to touch his butt without prior notice. Bang wasted no time and responded immediately that he had a ‘much bigger butt‘, to which his partner replies that ‘He too‘.

The flirtation of the ‘first date’ that the two had in the middle of Christmas time has made the STAYfollowers of the group, be really encouraged and laughing this New Year’s Eve with the occurrences of your favorite Idols.

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