Taylor Swift and her mother happily arrive at the Kansas City Chiefs Christmas game

Currently, the beautiful and famous relationship between the professional American football player Travis Kelce and the world-renowned singer Taylor Swiftseems to be living his best moment, because this Christmas both have been seen publicly, much more than in previous months, and spending quality time with their friends and family.

At the beginning of this unexpected relationship, Taylor and Travis seemed not to have things clear, since little was seen or there were few details that I knew about their relationship, however, as time passed the love situation between them went away. strengthening, to the point that now the mother of the renowned singer accompanies her to her boyfriend’s games, as just happened a few moments ago.

Taylor Swift returned to the stadium and the Chiefs’ home to see Travis Kelce, this time with a very Christmassy attitude and accompanied by her mother Andrea Swift, who visited the stadium for the first time. This is something very convenient for Kelce’s team, because having the singer in the stands in a game as important as the Christmas game, her presence will attract a much larger audience than the one that normally attends.

The singer and her mother looked very happy after arriving at the stadium, traveling in a golf cart and accompanied by Santa Claus, both stole all the attention of the media and spectators who were in the place, being lucky enough to see the artist just a few meters away. Hopefully, Andrea can enjoy the Chiefs game the same way her daughter enjoys it, allowing us to see a happy, hysterical attitude from her.

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