Taylor Swift is unbeatable in the streaming era, and has already broken another record on Spotify

The success of Taylor Swift It is undeniable, and today she continues to break records within streaming, her fans have apparently already become accustomed to the number of rankings and scores that the artist leads, and the numbers are totally absurd, and now to top it all off, her eighth studio album ‘Folklore‘ has just broken another record on the music streaming platform Spotify. Taylor leaves something for others!

‘Folklore’ premiered on July 23, 2020, which generated a great fury and expectation among its fans, it clearly became a success at the time, which is why many of its followers remain stunned that three years later it continues to break records, leaving behind even the great viral milestones of the last year. The album not only received critical acclaim, but also won a Grammy to Taylor as the best ‘Album of the year‘, something that many were already expecting to be honest.

The ‘Folklore’ album has captured the hearts of millions of Tay fans aka Swifties, thanks to its sweet melodies, introspective lyrics and sincere stories. It’s a testament to how Taylor’s reign gets bigger and bigger with each year of his career. Without a doubt, the fact that our Queen of pop achieving this huge album again shows how massive it is in the current era, since very few artists have been able to achieve a similar mark on streaming services.

Even so, his followers do not stop share and celebrate the great achievements that your favorite artist is achieving, who with her recent international tour titled ‘The Eras Tour‘, continues to earn decorations and praise from millions of people.

Congratulations to Taylor Swift!

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