The details about the gestures of King Charles III and Queen Camilla Parker in their first public appearance

Last Easter Sunday was the event that would mark the great return of the king Charles III in the public eye, he was also accompanied by his wife, the Queen Camilla Parkerwho did not separate from the monarch while he was welcomed back, demonstrating his unconditional support in the difficult situation that the country is going through. British royal family.

The British press and all the media that were documenting the long-awaited celebration managed to notice a few details about the gestures of both monarchs, which according to an expert in non-verbal communication, leave a lot to say about the current state of health of King Carlos III.

Vanessa Guerra analyzed the gestures of King Charles III in his first public appearance and said that the monarch is trying to maintain a bit of discretion regarding the press.

It was possible to see how he left with his wife through the right door of the car, and while he greeted the father, the driver of his vehicle was still there, standing in front of the cameras to not be exposed the rest. When the car leaves, you can see a very clear gesture from Camilla Parker, who seems to be indicating to her husband that now was the time to leave. greet the pressas she pointed her finger and then began to greet the crowd“. The expert states about her most revealing gestures.

He also highlighted that several gestures by King Charles, where he ensures that his state of health was improving considerably, since the leader of the British crown was no longer walking with a walking stickas if he did it last February, apparently the royal’s face reflected happiness and strength.

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