The gestures with which Queen Letizia gives her opinion on the rumor of infidelity with Jaime del Burgo

The year of the Queen Letizia of Spain It will probably end up being one of the most chaotic that she has had throughout her life in terms of public life, because as many people have been able to demonstrate, a rumor is emerging that the queen would have been unfaithful to her. current husband and father of her daughters, with whom she was her ex-brother-in-law, Mr. Jaime del Burgo.

Jaime del Burgo, who was the husband of Telma Ortizsister of Queen Letizia, collaborated for a famous writer to make a book called: ‘Letizia and I «What secrets is Queen Letizia hiding?’, in which all these truths would be revealed. Although so far neither the queen nor the Spanish royalty has made any statement about all of these accusations, her gestures would give a lot of information about what she thinks about all of this.

First of all, it should be noted that the king Philip VI, who has also been renowned in all of this, in recent days, gave a statement in which he avoided the whole topic, and was very smiling about the arrival of Christmas. But it was the queen who gave much more information with her body language and when she appeared, she he’s not worrying about anything.

It is clear that the Queen has a clear communication strategy and she reduces it whenever she has to deal with a situation like this, which is why since three weeks have passed since the controversy broke out, the Queen has remained completely normal and has even decided to have some gestures of Telma Ortizwith her husband, showing that their marriage is better than ever.

Also in terms of his posture and his clothing, he has continued to have his very sophisticated and elegant, downplaying everything that the media and journalists ‘may speculate about her’.

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