The horror film that Lee Sun-kyun starred in shortly before he died

The last film that the actor managed to star in Lee Sun-kyunwho died exactly on December 27, 2023, is already in movie theaters and so far promises a lot for all those lovers of horror and supernatural productions.

This new film, the work of the director Jason Yuis captivating the entire world, taking into account that it would be the last delivery of talent made by the renowned actor, who also participated in the series ‘Parasites’.

The film titled ‘Sleep: Evil does not sleep‘ includes the genres of romance and horror that intersect in the life of a long-standing marriage, which begins to be threatened by paranoia. In the story, the actor, personifying Hyun-subegins to exhibit strange behaviors while sleeping, so his wife Soo-jin (Jung Yu-mi), who is pregnant, is clearly scared by the events and starts saying that her husband is a demon.

When their daughter is born, the woman becomes even more scared, since the loving man who takes care of her during the day and at night becomes a totally unknown person who even threatens their lives. The rest of the story is what most attracts the attention of viewers, and what makes the actor’s latest film a pleasant production to watch for those who like the horror genre.

What happened to actor Lee Sun-kyun?

According to the latest uniforms, the actor was found dead in a parked car, and it appears to have been due to an alleged suicide, although he was also involved in a drug trial.

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