The marriage of the kings of Spain has deteriorated after an infidelity scandal, King Felipe VI now goes out with a group of friends

The marriage of kings of Spainmade up of the king Philip VI and to Queen Letizia and those who lead the Spanish royal family are going through a difficult time. And the controversial statements of Jaime del Burgo They have ignited a complete infidelity scandal that could now be causing other problems within the royal couple.

The present infidelity scandal It could be described as a new and very severe marital crisis between Felipe and Letizia. Similar to that of 2013, where the media They were already prepared to break the news until the couple finally decided not to divorce.

But now, and although the issue of divorce is far from viable options, there is a distance between Heads of State, or at least when they are not at a public event. And Jaime del Burgo has undoubtedly dropped a bomb on the Royal family and the consequences of all his statements have been totally fatal.

Some spanish media ensuring that currently the king is very upset from Letizia, so he would be away from her, especially when he goes to practice his two favorite sports, sailing and skiing. Over there, he goes with friends and completely distances itself from all the drama.

del Burgo’s revelations, accompanied by the book ‘Letizia and I’ by James Penafiel, suggest that the current monarch was very in love with him. Furthermore, she claims that, during her period as Princess of Asturias, Letizia was considering resigning from the throne and even discussed the possibility of a divorce with Philip to stay away from the country.

All this, added to the other statements that the lawyer made in his X account (Twitter)have caused enormous controversy within Operetta. The image of King Felipe VI has also been seriously damaged, since he is made to look like a weak Head of State who would have suffered through the alleged “double life” of his wife.

The problems in the Real home They are more persistent than ever. His daughters Leonor and Sofía are not at home on a regular basis, so the presence of king Philip VI and the Queen Letizia It means that the two of them keep each other company. How bare are they? Do they stay married solely because of their royal duties? Do you still love each other like you did more than 20 years ago? These are questions that the public eye is asking about all this drama that has completely ruined the image of the monarch.

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