The new photos of Selena Gomez with her boyfriend Benny Blanco

American singer and actress Selena Gomez She is enjoying her new relationship with the music producer benny Whitedespite the fact that he criticized her during a previous interview in 2020, classifying her as a “basic pop artist.”

HAPPIER THAN EVER! This is how Selena Gomez is seen in the most recent photographs with her boyfriend Benny Blanco, a relationship that has generated great controversy among her fans for the previous comments that the artist had made against her. Furthermore, it is also known that he is a close friend of justin Bieberthe singer’s ex and the person responsible for “damaging her emotional stability.”

For Selena, the past is stepped on and that is why she ignores what the producer could have said about her; We all make mistakes and apparently she is aware of that. She looks happy, in love and fully enjoying their romance, which apparently has existed for about six months.

The images of the most recent courtship date between both celebrities are a trending topic in the Internetcausing all kinds of comments, both positive and negative, on the main social networks of Selena Gomez.

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