The Nicolas Cage film that will make you laugh and reflect at the same time

Nicolas Cage was undoubtedly one of the most prestigious actors in the world of cinema, but we must also accept that his career has not been the brightest in recent years, which led him to be overshadowed by new and promising talents, however, it is not It is possible not to get excited when the actor’s name reappears in the cast of a production.

As ‘Retirement plan‘, the most recent film starring Nicolás, where an old and retired Cage will take on a role as a retiree, who receives an unwanted call from his daughter, who asks for his help to be saved from a dangerous mafia that will not rest until Capture her, and in their adventure for survival, they will end up unearthing dark family secrets. A plot that brings together a decent variety of genres, such as action, drama, a little suspense, but above all a lot of comedy, will definitely make you laugh and think at the same time.

The film premiered last September 2023 in the USAbut it will hit world cinemas on February 22 this year, which leaves thousands of fans of the interpreter of ‘Ghost Rider‘ excited to revisit one of their classic comedy performances from the early 2000s.

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