The possible reason why the British royalty has not revealed the type of cancer suffered by King Charles III

The british royalty shocked the world of monarchies by announcing that the king Charles III suffers from cancer. However, and although it was believed to be prostate cancer, the type of cancer the patient has has not yet been revealed. Head of state British, but there have already been rumors about the possible reasons why the crown has not wanted to provide these details to the public.

Helena Dapraa psychologist and royal expert, has revealed the possible reason why Buckingham Palace has not disclosed the type of cancer which King Charles III was diagnosed with while undergoing surgery for an enlarged prostate.

The professional declared to the portal ‘Lecturas’ that there are many possibilities that the British crown is looking for ways to make public opinion do not ask other types of questions about the health of the kingwho is currently receiving treatment for cancer.

Not so much data is given so that people do not misunderstand or start spreading hoaxes about cancer or any condition. Only professionals have to talk about these topics and others could only tell their experiences,” said the expert.

In turn, his statements have been supported by Christina Kyriacouwho was secretary of communication of Carlos between 2009 and 2016, on the ITV program ‘Good Morning Britain’.

Kristina asserted that this silence is rather a positive aspect for the image of the crown, since it shows that the british royalty does not want cancer of the king Charles III becomes a media topic and distracts attention from the public activities carried out by the crown.

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