The reason Justin Bieber turned down Usher’s offer to perform at the Super Bowl

Last Sunday, February 11, the great Super Bowl event took place, where people and families gather to watch the big game to see who wins the trophy, at the same time they wait for the long-awaited half-time concert. time, which is always one of the most watched shows in the world due to the guest artists, this year was the opportunity for the singer and songwriter Usherwho despite giving everything on stage, many were not happy with what he did.

At the same time, fans were disappointed that despite inviting several well-known artists as companions to his show, Usher did not bring Justin Bieber, with whom he made music history in the past. All this has an explanation, and recently sources close to the interpreter of “Baby“they have revealed it to the media Page Six.

According to sources, the interpreter of “Yeah“If he approached Justin to join him at the halftime show, an offer that Bieber rejected because”I didn’t feel it, I didn’t feel like I was made for that kind of show“. However, that didn’t stop the 29-year-old singer from coming to the stadium to watch the game and the halftime show Usher performed with other artists.

Although perhaps Justin had already refused to participate in the superbowl Long before the show, fans of both waited until the last moment to see what would happen, but were disappointed to have such high expectations and that what they wanted to see never happened.

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