The reason why Usher wanted to appear on BTS’s Jungkook’s song ‘Standing Next to You’

The international artist Usherin a recent interview, commented on what was the main motivation for wanting to work hand in hand with the most famous KPop Idol at the moment, Jungkook from BTS, on one of the most popular songs so far this year: ‘Standing Next to You‘.

The American composer and dancer, Usher, who is also preparing to headline the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show, when promotions for the remix song were being made, commented on the radio that one of the main reasons for the What he wanted to be in the song when Jungkook posted it was that I wanted to participate in that magic.

But not only that, because in his conversation he admitted that the member who is currently serving in the military, It reminded him of Michael Jacksonand even without him revealing it, many fans noticed that the dance moves with Jungkook They were the same ones he had done with Michael on some occasion.

However, although the reasons already appeared quite strong for wanting to appear in the song and video, he also detailed that many of his fans are followers of the kpopso he also wanted to have a little of this genre in his musical repertoire and it was just something he achieved.

You can remember the participation of the singers here:

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