The Spanish Royal House agrees to pay thousands of Euros to cover up Queen Letizia’s infidelity scandal

The Spanish Royal House is going through enormous controversy after the disclosure of the alleged love affair that the Queen Letizia with her former brother-in-law Jaime del Burgo while she was already engaged to him king philip SAW. The Spanish press is investigating, and now they have managed to discover an agreement that has been made that would help cover up the scandal.

With the damage already done by the controversial statements of Jaime del Burgo about his alleged romance with Letizia, the Royal House thought that it had everything tied up by reaching a satisfactory agreement with Iñaki Urdangarinanother dark figure of the Spanish royal family who promised at the time to reveal many secrets of Operetta.

Thus, without thinking about it, another enemy of Letizia escaped. He former duke of Palma He was aware of the queen’s alleged extramarital affair, so he might have been willing to talk.

However, that will not happen, since the former handball player has taken advantage of the divorce with Infanta Cristina to take revenge and live like a king at the expense of money from the royaltyespecially from king emeritus Juan Carlos Yo.

Urdangarin already received millions of euros for his divorce settlement, but that is not his only award. To keep him silent for life, Iñaki will receive a monthly pension of 25,000 euros, a total of 300,000 euros annual payments that Juan Carlos I will pay out of his pocket, according to ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’

With these 300,000 euros, the Real home Spanish hopes that Iñaki Urdangarin remain silent and do not speak about any matter that could harm any member of the royal family, including the Queen Letizia and the rumors of his alleged infidelities to King Felipe SAW.

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