The strange gift that a royal gave to Prince Harry that left him confused

A member of the british royalty He gave a gift to the exile the prince HarryHowever, the detail left the Duke of Sussex confused, who is currently enjoying the Christmas holidays with his wife. Meghan Markle and his two children from his mansion in California, United States.

In statements he made in his memoir ‘Spare’, the the prince Harry remembers her great-aunt and sister of the late queen, the Princess Margaret or “Aunt Margo”, as he called her before, and the stranger gave him a gift that he gave him one last Christmas, when he was just a child.

The duke wrote that on Christmas Eve in Sandringhamwhen everyone was getting ready to open their gifts, Margaret gave him a strange and unusual gift: a small pen with a rubber fish wrapped around it. The son of Charles III remember:

«Standing in front of my pile, I chose to open the smallest gift first. The label said: ‘From Aunt Margo.’ I looked and yelled, ‘Thank you, Aunt Margo!'” After opening the gift, Harry claims that he was surprised and thanked Daisy flowerwho, according to him, pointed out that it was not just any pen, but a special one.

It wasn’t just any pen, it had a little rubber fish wrapped around it. I said, ‘Oh. A fish pen! Alright’. I said to myself: that’s it blood cold«he added.

In his controversial book, prince harry He also stated that when he was a child, he came to think that he and the Princess Margaret They should have been friends, since they were “Two Spares” and had a lot in common. Currently, she is living her life in exile with Meghan Markle and their young children Archie and Lilibet, while hopes of a reconciliation with the British royal family seem to fade as time goes by.

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