The way in which the Korean media confirmed the courtship of V from BTS and Jennie from BLACKPINK

For more than a year it has been rumored that VMember of bts and JennyMember of BLACKPINK, they maintain a secret relationship. And now, the Korean media has confirmed that the famous K-pop idols were indeed a couple, but they had recently ended their romance.

According to a recent report by the South Korean media JTBC, Jennie and Taehyung They have ended their love relationship. In this way, it is confirmed that both Asian superstars did have a secret romance.

Other sources from the music industry in South Korea They revealed that the separation was on good terms, and cite Taehyung’s military service as one of the possible reasons. The Idol will enlist in the Army as an active duty soldier in the coming days.

Thanks to this report from the media south koreansit can finally be confirmed that both artists had a romance despite it not having been confirmed either by their agencies that represent them or by them.

Jennycontrary to V of btscould have a fairly tight schedule, since it was recently confirmed that both she and the other members of BLACKPINKrenewed their contracts with Y.G. Entertainmentso a new album and a possible new world tour are expected.

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