These are the celebrities who received the Duchess’s first jams

Very recently the Duchess Meghan Markle launched the first product of his new company called American Riviera Orchard, which was sent to several celebrities, especially close friends of hers, so that they could review and rate the product.

Meghan’s strawberry jam was very exclusive and limited and for that reason There were very few lucky ones who received one of these bottles.. It has been known that some of them were Kelly McKee Zajfen, who received bottle number 3 of 50 sent. Others were Tracee Ellis Ross who was number 21, Mindy Kaling being number 19, Kris Jenner being number 13, Delfina Balquier being number 10, Tracy Robbins being number 17, Abigail Spencer being the lucky number 6, Chrissy Teigen being number 20 and Garcelle Beauvais being the 18.

As might be expected, Meghan Markle’s mother, Dora Ragland may have received jar number 1, and likewise others were Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and Ellen DeGeneres, of whom it is not known exactly what number of jars of jam they received.

So far the first product of the Duchess of Sussex was applauded and commented on for being so ‘delicious’, so expect new and innovative items to be released as time goes by.

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