These are the new news about BLACKPINK’s group comeback

For a few hours now, the renowned South Korean group BLACKPINK It has become global news on social networks and world media, this after new news was released about the possible group return of the 4 talented Idols.

Although currently the agency YG Entertainment She is focused solely on making the talent of her new group explode. BABYMONSTERwas a past announcement from the great company that revived the hopes of all BLINKS saying that the BLACKPINK girls would be preparing for an upcoming group performance and that the 4 members had already agreed to this.

The new thing that is known about BLACKPINK is that, although their return is very close, it could take longer than expected, since the girls’ group projects will solidify as YG appoints a new board presidenta process that can take a long time before choosing the perfect person for the position.

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