They report that King Felipe VI no longer addresses Queen Letizia affectionately

Rumors of estrangement between king Philip VI and the Queen Letizia of Spain They continue to spread within the Spanish and international press. And now, a local media claims that the Head of state He no longer has any type of gesture with his wife, who continues to be involved in the infidelity scandal exposed by Jaime Burg.

He Spanish portal ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’ has announced that Felipe VI no longer addresses Queen Letizia affectionately. The aforementioned media affirms, taking statements from several experts, that the marriage of the kings is totally broken.

However, this would not have occurred since the statements of the former brother-in-law monarchsince it is rumored that the relationship between the kings has already been going through difficult times for a long time.

“Right now There is absolutely nothing left of these affectionate nicknames. Their relationship is totally broken.. Felipe and Letizia could have stopped living together, as they already announced Pilar Eyre and Jaime Peñafiel, but they would maintain their manners in front of the public,” they stated in ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’.

He king Philip VI and the Queen Letizia They have had some recent public appearances. One of them was a peculiar outing to the cinema, where the kings stood in line to buy soda and popcorn.

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