This could be the coronation of Prince William when he becomes king of the United Kingdom

Although no one knows for sure when the Duke of Cambridge will ascend to the throne of the United Kingdom, the prince williamthe recent cancer diagnosis of King Charles III has made many wonder about the plans of the current king’s eldest son for his coronation in case he has to take the throne for some reason.

Despite the news that the current monarch will not reign in the United Kingdom for a long time due to his harsh and surprising diagnosis, and the treatment he is receiving, some details have recently been shared about how Prince William wants his coronation.

In the past, around the time of the coronation of King Charles III, it was revealed that Prince William wants to continue modernizing the traditional coronation ceremony with some details he has in mind, as well as his desire to change the oath of loyalty to the kingfor the simple, but strong words “God save King William“.

In recent days, Roya Nikkhah of the newspaper Sunday Times shared that Prince William “He will be a very radical monarch“, and added that his coronation would be very different from that of his father, in addition to the fact that it will be very far from ostentation. At the same time, it is highlighted that the duke also wanted his coronation to be modern, something very important for everyone in his nation and notable for him.

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