This is Adelaide Cottage, the large mansion where Kate Middleton rests

As many know, a few weeks ago the Princess of Wales, Kate Middletonhad a surprising intervention in one of the most prestigious clinics in the United Kingdom, where she underwent surgery in the abdominal area, from which she came out well and today she rests at home, Adelaide Cottagea place that has recently become famous for the princess’s choice to rest there.

Currently, Kate Middleton is in Home Park in Windsor, very close to Saint George’s Chapel, where the couple were married. dukes of sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Adelaide Cottage is one of the main residences of the British royal family, which was inhabited by Prince William when he moved there with his entire family in 2022, and where the Princess of Wales has been resting for weeks.

To talk a little more about this mansion, it was built in 1831 for the queen adelaide, located about 40 kilometers from the city of London, far from the chaos of the streets and closer to nature, a detail that could be very convenient for Kate Middleton and her recovery. This house is not one of the largest that the royal family owns, but it is perfect for maintaining a quiet life, which was always Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite for a reason.

Although its size is not the most immense, Adelaide Cottage has four rooms in which the princes of Wales can keep a full life with his three small childrenat the same time that it helps them in growth, education, due to the distance from the stress they experience in big cities.

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