This is how King Charles III would have received Prince Harry after his momentary visit to the United Kingdom

After the cancer of the king charles IIIhis youngest son prince harry He set out on a journey to United Kingdom to meet his father. His stay was short but encouraging, and now a royal expert has suggested what the meeting between father and son may have been like.

The journalist and expert on British royalty Emily Nash has revealed to HELLO! magazine some details that would have occurred in the meeting of King Carlos III with the duke of SussexEdit.

According to her, the king himself “moved” upon seeing his son on London soil. And it seems that the Head of state He did not expect at all that his son, with whom he is fighting, would move so quickly to see him.

The king would have welcomed him with great pleasure and moved him. Although they have spent little time together in recent years because of their differences, something like this makes you put problems aside and think only about the moment,” says the expert.

At the same time, he assured that this meeting could pave the way for a eventual reconciliation between father and son, as His Majesty’s cancer diagnosis would have made reflect to the duke about many things.

“I really hope this paves the way for greater contact and an eventual reconciliation,” Nash concluded.

After his brief meeting with king Charles IIIhe prince harry took a flight back to USA the next day. For now, it is not known with certainty whether the royal will soon return to visit his father.

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