This is the trend that BTS fans have created around the Idol movie

The ARMYs, as fans of btshave been creating a trend on Twitter, now ‘X’, which says that suga must be cancelled, exactly pointing out ‘Cancel Suga‘ and referring to a film by the singer called: ‘SUGA | Agust D TOUR ‘D-DAY’, THE MOVIE’.

Although it will be thought that it is something that has occurred against the Idol of kpopthe truth is that it is not like that, and it is all about a good cause, which after understanding it has continued to be supported.

The trend on the internet is about a confusion that platform Israela country that is currently in a war with Palestine, something that has kept the community of said countries fighting to survive, losing their families and their homes.

So he ARMY What he has been asking for is that the playback of the KPop star’s tape be canceled in that country, since It is something unethical in the midst of such a strong and stormy confrontation..

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