Top 6 of the most handsome actors in Korea so far

On streaming platforms, such as Netflix, today Korean series are one of the most watched, their plot, story, and their innovative way of engaging viewers are what make them so striking, however, their actors have also gotten many people interested in them. the programs thanks to them. In such a way that for this reason we have created a Top 6 of the most handsome and representative actors in Korea Until now.

First of all, the protagonist of the series ‘True Beauty’, Chan Eun-woostands out thanks to his incredible acting talent, is 26 years old and is a singer and dancer.

Lee Jong-suk is a renowned South Korean model and actor who debuted in 2005 as a men’s clothing model. Among his most viewed series are: ‘While they sleep’ and ‘W’.

Hwang In-yeop It is also part of the series ‘True Beauty’, one of those that still remains at the top of Netflix. She is 33 years old and with her talent she has managed to conquer thousands of hearts.

From left to right: Cha Eun – woo, Lee Jong-suk and Hwang In-yeop

Song Joong-ki He is 38 years old, is an actor and South Korean television presenter. He has become famous for his participation in programs such as: ‘Vincenzo’ and ‘Descendants of the Sun’.

Song Kang He is recognized for being the protagonist of ‘My adorable demon’, he is 29 years old and his talent in acting has led him to participate in many productions despite his young age.

The star of ‘Crash Landing on Your Heart’, Hyun Bin, at 41 years old, has made an admirable career in Korea. His private life became relevant after marrying actress Son Ye-jin, with whom he starred in the aforementioned series.

From left to right: Song Joong-ki, Song Kang and Hyun Bin

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