V from BTS surprises the ARMY with his most recent photos showing his physique

As many of you already know, the guys from bts They are currently doing their mandatory military service in South Koreawhich results in the fact that, for exactly 18 months, the fans of this male group cannot have the Idols around, however, each of them was responsible for leaving enough content to distract the ARMYand sometimes they even appear on social networks to surprise everyone.

This same thing just happened with V from the boy band, who surprised everyone with his most recent shared photos showing his new muscular physique. In the past, the renowned Idol mentioned that he wanted to enter a bodybuilding test when he finished his military process, and that he would finish it weighing around 85 kilos or moresomething that seems to have been taken very personally by the artist.

Since V of BTS began his military process in December, fans around the world have been able to notice a physical change in the singer with or without uniform, and this was further evidenced by the recent photos that he has just published in this April 12thwhen the Idol wanted to update his fans online.

The BTS member shared the photos on the social network Instagram, where you can see how toned the singer is, deducing this only with his forearms, demonstrating the hard work that V does daily to train and meet his goal. As if that were not enough, she also shared an image of her great back with some injurieswith a message that said ‘Wounds of Glory’, proudly showing how his body looks after each hard workout.

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