‘Wherever ur’ by BTS and UMI’s V sweeps iTunes charts around the world

Yesterday, December 30, the new collaboration between the renowned V of BTS and the American singer and songwriter UMIwho worked together to release the new single called ‘Wherever ur‘, which is gaining strength and is becoming one of the most listened to songs at the end of 2023.

At around 2 pm Korean time, the renowned Idol and the composer released said single, and a few hours after the premiere, ‘Wherever ur‘ was positioned on the iTunes chart in many countries around the world, surprising even the singers themselves, who did not believe it was happening.

On this last day of the year 2023, the collaborative single shot to number one on the iTunes Top Songs charts in at least 89 different countries, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada, among others. From World Music All that remains is to congratulate V and UMI for such a great feat. Below we will present the singers’ new song so you can enjoy it:

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